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October 17, 2014

Pastor's Study

What went up came down.  Without a hitch, unfortunately.

Let me explain.  On Saturday, March 18, 1989, the space shuttle Discovery returned from its five-day mission (STS-29) to boldly go where no shuttle had ever gone before. (I told you that I’m a Star Trek Fan!) The trip came off without problems; no technical glitches, no serious mishaps.  This, of course, thrilled the nation as well as everyone at mission control.  But it was a disappointment to mission specialist Robert Springer.  As witness – his mother’s comment:  “Bob was hoping for just some little problem so he could take a spacewalk.”

I Like That Guy!  Some people see problems – this guy sees the chance for a spacewalk!

So much of life is how you look at it.  To Jesus, five thousand hungry people were not a hassle; they were an opportunity to show God’s power.  A blind man was not a burden on society, but a blessing sent to show the love and power of the Heavenly Father!  To Jesus, the cross did not raise Him that much farther from the earth, but that much closer to Heaven! 

Jesus looked at the same world that you and I see, BUT WHAT HE SAW WAS OPPORTUNITIES, NOT OBSTACLES; POTENTIAL, NOT PROBLEMS!!

Is a warning light flashing on the dashboard of your spiritual spaceship?  Do you rejoice over lift-off, or simply shout, “Look out!”  Well, praise God for the problems and put on your spacesuit!  Remember, for the Christian, a challenge is just a chance to rise up with wings as astronauts, an open door for a spacewalk!

Spaced Out,

Pastor Scott

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