“Separation of Church and State”

July 2, 2013

Pastor's Study

Question:  What does the “Separation of Church and State” really mean?

There is ample historical evidence to prove that the original intent of our founding fathers is exactly what they wrote in the First Amendment to the Constitution and NOT what our courts and legislators have interpreted it to mean in recent years.  Our forefathers were adamant that government (“the state”) was NOT PERMITTED to: 1) Establish a federal or “state” religion; or, 2)Prohibit the free exercise of religion (according to the dictates of the individual conscience.)

Today, secular humanists, with their liberal ideology, have been successful in twisting the concept of the separation of church and state to mean separation of God from government.  They have convinced us that the church should not expose corruption and immoral legislation, and that Christians should not be active in “politics.”  They insist that the moral standards of God’s Law have no bearing on the laws of our land.  Yet, the government has asserted its own control over the churches!

The First Amendment was required by the states in order to limit the power of the federal government and to prevent it from establishing a national denominational church, such as existed in England.

The phrase, “wall of separation” that we hear so much about today is not found in the Constitution, nor is the term “Church and State.”  Thomas Jefferson used the phrase, “wall of separation between church and state” in a letter written in 1802.  In his inaugural address, Jefferson clarified that this statement referred to the separation between the church and the federal government.  Jefferson’s “wall of separation” phrase  has not only been grossly misinterpreted in its original context, but it has been tragically misapplied to mean separation of God from government!

The freedom of the First Amendment from federal interference is not FROM religion but FOR religion in the constituent States!  Separation of church and state? Absolutely!  Divorcement of God from government?  Absolutely NOT!

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