“Drip, Drip, Drip”

May 22, 2013

Pastor's Study

They’ve been working on this since 1966; however, the patent for the electronic faucet was finally filed in 1999.  It’s a sink with no knobs or levers.  Instead, it has an electronic eye perched in the spout, and, when you put your hands underneath, it triggers the flow of water.  When you remove you hands, the deluge drops to a drip.  — Ranks right up there with sliced bread!!

 I couldn’t help but think of the spiritual implications of this wonderful device the last time I stood with soapy hands and marveled at the ease with which I could obtain clean water:

 Jesus promised in John 4:4 that, if we drink of the living water of salvation, we will never thirst again.  We will, in fact, become fountains, sources of life ourselves.  He bases the promise, however, on a condition which is “whosoever drinks of the water that I shall give him.”

 Don’t you see?  If I place myself under the sleepless eye of Christ, He cuts loose with the blessings.  When I remove myself, the flow halts.  I must remain, as the old gospel song says, “underneath the spout where the blessings flow out,” or I’ll come up dry every time.

 I also must add that the faucet is not particular.  If you accidently drape a coat across the sink it will get thoroughly soaked!  God is, indeed, “no respecter of persons,” and has promised to bless any grubby sinner who stations himself at the foot of the cross.

 How about you?  Do you feel like Lady Macbeth, trying to dry-clean you sin stained palms?  Turn them up to the Savior and rejoice in the cleansing flow; then keep them there, so the river of grace never stops running!

 May the Faucet Be With You,

 Pastor Scott

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