March 12, 2014

Pastor's Study

Today I devoted an inordinate amount of time to cleaning out my coffee cup.  Imagine the Gulf coast after the BP Oil Spill of 2010!!  Get the idea?

It isn’t that I’m a slob (don’t tell that to my wife).  I simply forgot to empty the last swallow before leaving the church over the weekend and the coffee evaporated, leaving a resinous goop about half-an-inch thick on the bottom of the cup.  Some hapless insect with a caffeine addiction had fluttered down and gotten mired in the muck.

The frightening thing to me is that I almost drank from that cup.  You see, I discovered the residue while in the act of pouring in a fresh cupful.  How could I miss such a mess?  Simple – the outside was clean.  Had I not glanced within before drinking, I could have seriously fouled my personal plumbing!

I have always suspected that drinking coffee must be a spiritual thing, if for no other reason than the sheer number of Baptist who do it.  Now I have proof.  Jesus, in Matthew 23:25-26, spoke about surface religionists who keep a clean cup on the outside, while allowing scum and tar and dead bugs to lie a foot thick on the interior.  Christianity in our day abounds with cup-scouring scribes who use the Bible as their personal Brillo pad.  Envy, anger, and deception may adhere to their hearts, but, armed with a clean surface and a few chosen scriptures, they set up as dispensers of the pure water of life.

While scrubbing my scruffy mug, I pondered another passage, Mark 7:14-23, where Jesus says that what defiles us is not what goes into our mouths, but what comes out.  In other words, drinking coffee from that dirty cup would have done a lot less harm than dispensing the gospel from a dirty heart.

This coming Lord’s Day, we will look at the Radical (yes! Radical) life of a Real Christian.  My prayer for our church family is that we are clean on the inside as well as the outside…that we serve God with a clear conscience.  As I cleaned that coffee cup, I asked God to clean me – insects and all – from the inside out!


Pastor Scott

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