“Cream & Sugar?”

May 31, 2013

Pastor's Study

For some time now, it has been my goal in life to find Biblical justification for drinking coffee. The closest I have come so far is Ezekiel 32:10, “…they shall tremble at every moment…”  However, if I tried to make that work, my hermeneutics professor would run me out of town!  I do think I have found a spiritual connection, though; not in the Bible, but on the box of my coffee filters.

On the front of the carton is a circular label which proclaims:  “New and Improved – Oxygen Whitened For Better Flavor.”

Now, first for grammatical matters: Something that is “new” cannot, by definition be “improved.”  It is either a new type of filter or an improvement on the old one.  But I digress.  The real issue here is that business about using oxygen to make the paper whiter.  I would not claim to know how the process works, but I will take their word for it and draw the conclusion that somehow breathing pure oxygen brings about cleansing.

So where is the spiritual side of all this?  In the word itself: “SPIRIT.”  Our English Bible uses that noun for the Third Person of the Trinity, translating a term that means “wind” or “breath.”  And what does the wind blow and what do we breathe?  A mixture of gases composed primarily of oxygen!  Now, it occurs to me that, if we will “breathe” Him through prayer, worship and the Word, we will be “oxygenated” whiter than snow and will improve the flavor of the Gospel to the world.  In fact, I could even involve myself in that semantic paradox:  though I am new in Christ, I can be improved by being oxygenated by His Spirit and thus capable of filtering His message to my world.

Drinking coffee is still up for grabs as far as Christian discipline.  Inhaling the Spirit is not.  Let’s all take a deep breath….and “whiten up.”

Cream and sugar?

Pastor Scott

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