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February 22, 2011

Pastor's Study

I know Business Meetings are not the most favorite things to sit through; however, as we went through that monthly meeting, I couldn’t help but think how much God has blessed our Church!  We heard reports (from financial to Sunday School) as to how God continues to mold and grow our church.  The thing that made the greatest impression on me was when we began to discuss our children’s ministry.  As you spoke about financially supporting that ministry and getting involved within that ministry, my heart was refreshed anew with gratitude for such a wonderful family.  The meeting was expected to last about one half an hour….so, it turned into a hour (and then some)….isn’t it good to see how God is blessing His Church.  To my family, I appreciate you more and more!  You encouraged me this past Sunday to strive harder than ever to see our community come to know our Savior.  Thank you for being…YOU!

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My Family: My wife and I have been married for 30 years (wow! that's hard to believe.) We have four wonderful children and EIGHT perfect grandchildren!! Education: I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Pastoral Theology from Tennessee Temple University. After serving Bethel Baptist Church in Ontario, Canada as Youth Pastor and South Buncombe Baptist in Asheville, NC as Associate Pastor, we moved to Wake Forest, NC where I attended Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. In 1995, I received my Master of Divinity degree (with languages.) From 1999-2001, I attended Southern Baptist Theological Seminary pursuing my Doctor of Ministry degree in Expository Preaching. Ministry: I have had the privilege of pastoring three wonderful congregations (Montwood Baptist 1993-1997; Union Baptist 1997-2002; and, South Fork Baptist 2010-present.) In 2010, God brought a very special group of people into my life. South Fork has become much more than a ministry to my family - it has become our home. If you are looking for a Church to call home, you will not find a better group of people than the family that makes up South Fork.

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