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This Sunday:  Satan’s Agenda for the Church

This Weeks Schedule:

Sunday Morning Bible Study: Every Sunday at 10:00am, we study the Bible together.  Join us as we study the book of 1 & 2 Peter and Jude.

Sunday Morning Worship:  This Sunday we continue a very important series of sermons: ” Satan’s Agenda for South Fork Church”.  Today we discover “How to Defeat Discouragement.”

Sunday Evening Worship:  Tonight, we continue our study of “False Teachers” at 6:00pm.  The Question that we will answer is: “What is the Christian’s Responsibility to the OT Law?”

Mid-Week Services:  Wednesday Night at 6:30pm.  Our Adults continue our study of 1 Peter.


  MAY 2-11, 2017

Join Pastor Scott and Becky as they Lead a Tour to the Holy Land.



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